Trinity Band

Trinity BandThe group Trinity Singers, now Trinity Band, started in August 2004. Since then, the group has grown up from two founding members to a team of five people. When the group started it had only two members; Ivan and Eliza thereafter the number grew up to five after Joyce, Suzan and Kenneth joined.

Joyce is the youngest in the team. She started singing while in primary school. When she was 10 years old, she was already singing in the church choir. She says that she likes singing but what she enjoys most is the dancing. "I like dancing and dancing for the Lord is what I like to do", she says.

Born in a family of musicians, Kenneth found himself in the music world when he was only 9 years old. Since then he has been playing guitar and keyboards in church choirs. When he joined Trinity Band he discovered that he could do something else 'he could sing!'. "Ken does everything", says Ivan. He can sing, play all guitars and keyboards, compose songs, and do vocal arrangement!

Eliza (Liz), is one of those people with in-born singing talent. She started singing more than 16 years ago when she was also in primary school. She has participated as a back vocal in many recordings. "I like to sing and see my singing bring positive changes in peoples' lives. I could sing for entertainment purposes but my mission and goal is to sing so that Christ can change peoples' lives", says Liz.

Suzan started singing when she was only 9. It was her teachers in the primary school who made her discover her singing talent. She then joined the church choir. "I did not know exactly what I was doing at the time" says Suzan. "They used to make me stand on a chair and let me sing! It's totally different now because I now sing knowing very well what I am doing.

Ivan has been involved in the music industry since he was young. He is the song writer and he also enjoys to do music arrangement. He is the founder of the Trinity Band.

Besides the five members that make up the Trinity Band, we also have what we call the Trinity Band Family. This is a team of people we normally closely work together with. These people are part and parcel of our ministry; they help us in many ways and we are with them in many occasions. We thank God for their partnership in this ministry. Barabara, Furaha, Rachel, Pendo, William and Florah Njama are names that we will never stop to mention when we talk about the Trinity Badnd family.

More than two years have gone by. It has been a long and hard way but through it all, we have seen God standing by our side. It has been 'safari salama' (a safe journey) because the Lord has been with us. Our hearts' desire is to impact peoples' lives through our music. We desire to see people come to the Lord Jesus Christ; the brokenhearted healed; and those who are down in spirit lifted up through our singing ministry.

Jiandae is our second CD after our first CD, Amani Africa, that was released in the year 2005. All the songs in the Jiandae project have been recorded at FM studio in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. Jiandae is a Swahili word which means "Get ready". We, the Christians, and all the people of God must get ready because soon and very soon, Jesus is coming back. It is our prayer that the songs in the Jiandae project will cross the boundaries of culture and language and touch everyone's heart.




A very humble thank you to our God, creator and talent giver. Lord God, You are with us all the time and You keep us in Your purpose for Your glory, we have got every reason to praise  your Holy Name and say thank you God.
Our fans, supporters and sponsors, thank you for your  undying faith in us, we salute you!

To all our Pastors; thank you for taking care of us.

To mom and dad, your encouragement and belief made me stronger in what I do best. I love you so much!

Our manager Ivan, thank you for taking my talent to another level.

My brother Abdon, thank you for your advice and being with us all the time.

Furaha and Barabara, words are not enough to describe my appreciations to you.

All FM Studio staff, thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Lastly to my fellow Trinity Band members, thank you for traveling this journey with me, I will never forget your love.




Glory  and honor be unto God, who has helped us to KENNETHcomplete  the  Jiandae project. It wasn't easy but with you Lord God, we have made it.  
Special thanks to our families for your support and encouragement. You have always supported us materially and spiritually. May God bless you so much.
To Barabara and Furaha, thank you for your hard work. Trinity Band would not be where we are had it not been for you.

Guys at FM Studio, you are amazing. It was a pleasure working with you.




First of all, I thank God for giving me this chance to serve him through music. In all that I do, let all the glory and honor be unto

JOYCEyou God. I know I can not stand on my own without your help Lord and through the making of 'Jiandae', I have seen you God!

Special thanks to my brother Ivan (our manager) for being a front runner in the making of Trinity Band and Jiandae.

To my beloved mother, my aunt Mariam, Mr & Mrs Muya, thank you for nurturing me in my Christian walk. Because of you, I now know Whom I serve.

My Brothers Barabara and Furaha, and our producer Lugano, you are great! Thank you for not being tired of us!

My family and all that have lent a helping hand; thank you so much.



Firstly, I would love to thank the Almighty God for giving me the talent and voice to sing and share my SUZANfaith with the rest of the world. Thank you to my mother who has always supported me. Mama, you are definitely the best. My brother Joakim, I know you want the best for me. I've got every reason to say, Thank You.

To everyone in Trinity Band, 'tuko pamoja' (We're together). Thank you for your advice and support.

To our fans, we love you so much. Keep on supporting us, we will never let you down.




Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessings you keep bestowing on us. Thank you for being our Lord and Savior. Thank you God for bringing Trinity Band this far.

IVANWithout you Lord God, we couldn't make it. With my heart I believe and with my mouth I confess and declare that You will bless the work of our hands.

To Andrew Kajeguka, Mr. Billy Mhando, Mr & Mrs. Chiduo; thank you for being there for us all the time. God will reward your overwhelming support to us.

To all radio stations in Tanzania and abroad, thank you for playing our music.

William Mwegoha, thank you for the excellent work you have done in the making of Jiandae.

To all our friends and fans, thank you for your support and being there for us. May the Lord God bless you ALL!






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