The Mamajusi Choir, Moshi, Tanzania


Soma nakala hili kwa Kiswahili


Mamajusi KwayaThis choir was founded on Sunday 11 October 1975 at 10:00 under the leadership of Senior Pastor of Majengo Moshi Rev. Godwin Katoto. It had a total number of 18 members, both female and male, and was named The Evangelical Anglican choir of Majengo Moshi (kwaya ya Uinjilisti ya Kianglikana ).

In 1979 the choir went to record for the first time at Radio Habari Maalum, Maragu - Moshi before the recording studio moved to Arusha.

In 1980, the choir went to Mvumi, the Dodoma Diocese's singing contest and at the time it was under the diocese of Central Tanganyika (DCT DODOMA). They also recorded again the second time in the studio of msalato, Dodoma that same year. All those projects were undertaken while the choir was under the leadership of singer and founder Brother Semaghembe Joseph, who, besides being the choir founder, still sings to this present day.

In 1982 and 1983, this choir went to the Sauti ya Injili (Sound of the Gospel) Studios in Moshi, and recorded two albums. At this time, the choir had aquired a new name, MAMAJISU KWAYA MAJENGO - MOSHI. This new name was born in 1982 and the meaning of this name is this, - Kings (The Wise Men) of the East were led by the star from the east to see the newborn baby; Our Saviour, Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:1-6).

In addition to the choir recording the albums mentioned above, four could not be commercially distributed or released to declare the gospel through songs. The albums that the choir owns rights on are the following:



Ee Mungu Unirehemu



Jee Huu Ni Wakati



Bwana Ni Wa Ajabu



Hey Haleluya



Homa Ya Dunia



Again, the choir's very first album is owned by Radio Habari Maalum, Arusha. The name of that album is MUNGU KAUMBA (God Creared).

This choir is currently composed of a total of only sixty (60) choir members and is now owned by the congregation of the Anglican Church Majengo, Moshi under the new Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro (Arusha DMK).



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