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Lydia NjeriLydia Njeri was born in Nairobi, Kenya about thirty seven years ago. She is the last born of eight and was raised by her mom after loosing their dad at the age of four. She attended school at Jericho primary school, then went to St John's high school for her form one.

She later transferred to Trikha girls, Thika, where she studied until she dropped out of school due to some health issues. Incase you are wondering why she never went back to school, her mom also retired at the same year which meant there was no money to pay for her school fees. God takes your mess and makes it a message!

This is Lydia's story because it was then, that God in His own way started to use her in writing songs that many would identify with. Her writing has been inspired by her experiences since she left school. In 1997, a friend introduced Lydia to Bro. Reuben Kigame who became a key person in the success of both of her CD's.

"You Are special" in the eyes of the Lord is the title of her first CD which has been a blessing to many, who, like herself, have struggled with depression. You see, after Lydia left school, she went into a depression that made her think of suicide, but GOD intervened! It was during those depressive times that God healed her through song writing.

The statement "You are special in the eyes of the Lord" is what the Holy Spirit used to start the healing process in her life. Other songs like "Jesus holds my future" and "You took my mess and gave me a message" are just some of the songs that the Holy Spirit has used to encourage and uplift her and many of her listeners.

In 2000, Lydia was privileged to travel with Reuben Kigame's singing team to the USA, England and Germany where they were first called "Sifa Voices". When they came back from the trip, Lydia moved to Thika where she served as a worship leader at Destiny Worship Center under Bishop Titus Mbai. In 2001, God opened the way to go back to the USA through Bishop Henry Mulandi; where she produced her second CD entitled "You are God's best."

"My story is a story of God's faithfulness!" says Lydia, the continues "He picks up what is rejected and makes it a useable vessel to the glory of His name. I have seen and continue to see His faithfulness and that is why I live to worship Him and Him alone!" she says firmly then concludes "I enjoy cooking, site seeing, making new friends and going to concerts. Be encouraged in the Lord and in the power of His might, worship is the only ministry that will never end. Let us seek to worship and help others to take worship as a lifestyle and that is Lydia's passion."







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