Pastor Richard H. Chauganga


I was born to Muslim parents on the 3rd of September, 1949. My father was a half-caste born of an Arab woman, married to my grandfather, - the late Mr. Mmbago Mdika of Lushoto District, Tanga, Tanzania. My father, Sheikh Mhamad Chauganga, was a religious leader. He died in 1968. My mother died when I was only one year old.

My father took me to an Islamic preschool to learn the Koran but I did not like the lessons. I, therefore, asked him to let me join the Lutheran Nursery School and he accepted. There, things were a lot different and I enjoyed the teachings. It was interesting and I felt that it was better to be a Christian. My father did not like this at all. However, I got baptized.

In Secondary School, I had a vision at midnight and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ. He took me on a six hours journey. We cordially talking on the way. When we arrived near our village, somewhere at Tamota in Lushoto District, He looked at me, and commissioned me to go and heal the sick people in the village. Then He went way and I went my way too, carrying on with the commission. When I woke up in the morning, I found out that it was only a dream. So, I did not bother much about it.

Later, I went for further studies and trained as a Manpower and Administration Manager. After I completed my studies, I was employed in government as a Manpower and Administration Officer. I was still a Christian but drank too much. This drinking habit annoyed my Lord Jesus. He used dreams several times and asked me to stop but still, I did not change. In 1984 he appeared to me and asked me to stop drinking or else, death would come to me without failure. I still did not take heed of this warning and continued doing what He did not like.

In 1986 on Saturday during Easter, I was not feeling well and did not go anywhere. I just stayed at home. In the mid night, I died. It was a wonderful incident witnessed by my wife Hilda and my daughter Nina. After this, I saw myself sitting in a place which I call a death chamber. Somebody stood nearby and told me, "wake up and lets go". I refused and raised three petitions which could be considered for my release. He, however, refused all my three petitions. Then I said, "this man is bad, but if God Himself wishes, He can take me back to life".

Having confessed that, I saw myself back to life and met my wife weeping. When she saw me alive, she became very happy. However, I was not quiet. I saw that man and other more spiritual people. My wife did not see them but heard me talking with them. They said to me "Though you are back, you will surely die. It is only that you mentioned the name of God that you're back to life". I did not like those words, so, I started weeping.

This time, I died again and saw my self in Heaven. There, I was told to give a detailed account of my sins on earth but I refused. Jesus said, "Mind you, this is a judgment place, you must". So, I said everything and was cast into the lake of fire. I suffered terribly there. After a long time, I could not understand what was taking place, I found myself in a green and nice pastured area. With me was the Lord Jesus Christ. He showed me the whole world and said, "Look, what do you see?" I told Him that I did not see anything. He told me to look a second time, and asked me again, "What do you see?" I answered that I saw many people. Then He said, "Correct. That is the world, go and tell them the Word of God and the consequences of their sins". I was then brought back to life and found myself alive in my house. My wife was still weeping but she became exceedingly happy when she saw me alive again".

In 1995, the Lord Jesus who had come to me while I was in Secondary School came again and said to me, "I want you to establish the Anglo Pentecostal Church, wake up, take a pen, and write. I did the same when I woke up. Then I could not see Him any more".

I am now the Chairman of the Anglo Pentecostal Church which is registered with the Government of Tanzania.

We are looking for missionary people willing to work with us for the extension work of this ministry.

Pastor Richard Herman Chauganga



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