our calling

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our calling

Postby ckm » Wed Jul 20, 2005 7:49 pm

I wish to take this short time to discuss on our calling. what is the meaning of being called? The term is evident in the bible since the calling of the world to God the creator. Genesis chapters I to chapters 12 outlines the creation of the world by God but the most captivating episode is the calling of our first parents to live for God. The story is passionate and a true account of God's goodness in creating and furnishing humankind with the grace to live for him. Unfortunately events that followed depicted the path of God's good plan was altered by the crafty and subtle serpent. Read Genesis chapter 3.

The story finally captures the helpless couple struggling to run from the presence of God. Its usual when sin comes, the path to God becomes slippery and blurred. Instead of embracing Him we feel guilty and unholy. Hence I wish to state that our calling is only possible through Holiness. The bible clearly depicts God as an Holy God who will not have anything to do with unholiness. once we understand God is holy we will appreciate indeed our calling to live with him in an holy relationship. the calling of Abraham revolves around a covenant of holiness. Hence God is ready to bless Abraham if he only walks in the ways of God. while God is merciful to humankind our response to his calling of us is to embrace the holy life as a way to keep the organic relationship valid.

The Noanic covenant is also a single act of God calling humanity to Himself but without any provocation as God never provokes the human lot ridicules the entire covenant. What follows is the reign of God in Noah's family while a complete destruction of the mockers.

The old testament outlines the beginning of our calling while the New testament fulfils the calling.
Now to be called is to live in a personal relationship with God in Christ. our human fallibility is not an hindrance anymore to our calling since God in Christ restored and continues to restore all who believe in Him. A point to note when we are called we are given the holy nature by the regeneration of the Holy spirit. The spirit marks us within and gradually transforms us to be children of God. Are you transformed reader by this power of God. if not breath hard go to the mercy throne and ask for help. our calling duplicates in many ways. First we begin getting interested in the things of God and start investing in them. The church is called to live such a life and dear Christian you are part of that. The problem today is that the church is so busy fulfilling earthly desires at the expense of her calling. More than ever before the church is losing her prophetic power to the world. I sternly charge that the world is overtaking the church by deciding and guiding the church. The talk in the west today is the homosexual embracement to the church. while the church is not to judge as that belongs to the master we have to make clear our stand. our stand is holiness no matter the cost to be paid.

Finally reader we need to serve God in the fallen world. Mathew 28.16-20 we have been honoured to carry the Gospel in the Name of The Father, Son and Holy spirit. Lets not waist our precious opportunity by pondering and implementing other tasks that are lesser than this calling. I am sure I have discussed a little on our calling but the topic is wide and cannot be discussed in such a short presentation. Thanks and I hope to hear more from other interested people. God bless you.
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